Anger & All it’s Complexities

Anger Painting

“Hot wrath, hot love. Such anger is the fluid that love bleeds when you cut it.”               C.S Lewis

I have wanted to write a piece on anger for some time, but it has turned out to be far more challenging than I imagined. I’m beginning to realize the reason: anger is ubiquitous. It refuses to stay on topic. There are specific,  personal injustices that have caused my anger, yet still it refuses to stay in those emotional boxes. It insists on jumping in and out of all the other emotional, psychological and spiritual areas of my heart and mind. That is why, I believe, anger is terribly difficult to get handle on and eradicate. The little stinker!

I am still angry, although if you had known me five years ago, you’d think that I’m practically sedate  in comparison. There was a time, when my hurt and anger was nothing short of an open, bleeding wound. Every movement, thought or emotion deepened the pain. I resorted to a Janus-like existence. I chose the right course of action, but always in opposition to my emotions. It was a perpetual fight club between my heart and mind with my will as the prize…and you know what the first rule of fight club is…”You do not talk about fight club.”

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