So, my given name is Michelle, but I generally respond more quickly to ‘mom,’ even when I am not biologically the caller’s mother. I have been blessed with five great, funny, intelligent, sarcastic and occasionally naughty kids. They range from 12 to 22; three girls and two emotionally terrorized boys sandwiched in the middle.  They are the air I breathe, the joy of my life. They changed me from an easy going, phlegmatic girl into a crazy lioness, ready to attack any person, place or thing that causes them pain.

For the last nine years I have officially been a single-mom although unofficially since my firstborn’s conception.

I have always struggled with prudence and temperance and that manifested itself clearly when, at twenty years old, I accepted a marriage proposal from a Narcissist after only three months of dating. And yes, I’ve discussed this with a therapist and every priest in Northern Virginia.

I am many years into the healing process but make no mistake, I’m not healed. I suspect that takes a lifetime.

I have much that I need to articulate about divorce, children, the Faith, etc…and even more to learn, but when I looked for online help, I was unable to find frank, clear, honest answers in the context of my Faith. I would like to be a voice for those of us not moved by lofty sentiment and sweeping generalities, but in need of applicable, tangible  answers to tough and messy realities.

I’m not sure if I can achieve that goal, but I’m going to try!



One thought on “About

  1. JCH says:

    All I can say is wow! I’m so blessed my sil sent me the link to you! I have a very similiar situation. You are an inspiration! Please pray for my small children and I.
    God bless you.
    Thank you,


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